Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan

The Yang Family Tai Chi Chuann (or Taijiquan) is one of the most popular Chinese martial arts today. It was created about 200 years ago by Yang Lu Chan. He learned Tai Chi from the 14th Generation Chen family master and later on Yang Lu Chan created his own style. All the different styles of Tai Chi that exist today are connected with each other. Even though their movements may look different on the outside the energy and the principles within are the same.  The Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan characteristic movements are slow, even, gentle, big and large.

Today the 6th Generation Master of the Yang Family is Yang Jun. In 1998 together with his grandfather Master Yang Zhenduo he created the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.  Ever Since Master Yang Jun has been travelling around the world teaching Tai Chi and certifying instructors.

SC “Black Dragon” has been following the teachings of the Yang family since its creation. In 2012 we reached out directly to the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association and have been working closely with them ever since.

Based on materials from http://www.yangfamilytaichi.com/