Once again seminar in Lovech!

Tai Chi LovechA seminar on traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan took place  on  24 May 2014 in Lovech. Organizer of the seminar was the Lovech affiliate of SC "Black Dragon" with instructor Petya Dimitrova. The seminar was led by the head of the club Petar Dragoev and the Yang style instructor Dimitar Mihaylov. The theme of the seminar was 103 hand form of the Yang family, also called "long form". It was established by Yang Chengfu in the early twentieth century and is the basis of all Yang style Tai Chi practice nowadays.

After revising of the first part of the form the students worked on the initial movements of the next part - Bao Hu Gui Shan (Embrace the Tiger and Return to Mountain) and Zhou Di Kan Chui (Fist Under Elbow).

The workshop continues the tradition started by the honorary president of the SC "Black Dragon" Krasimir Dimitrov – “The Chinese” who held the first seminar in the city back in 2005!


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