4 medals for Sports Club "Black Dragon"


Sports club "Black Dragon" won four medals at the National Championship in Traditional Wushu held on 19 May 2013 in Stara Zagora. Contestants from Sofia, Burgas, Ruse and Stara Zagora met at the Championship, which was organized by the Bulgarian Wushu Federation.

The competitors from the sport club "Black Dragon" won 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. In routine Chen style (hand form) the gold medal was awarded to Lazar Kirchev, while Stanimira Vladimirova won the silver medal. In routine Yang style weapons Georgi Andonov won the gold medal and his performance in routine Yang style (hand form) won a bronze medal.

Sports club "Black Dragon" also took part in the Jury of the National Championship with 4 representatives who had the task to determine who the best is. The head of the club Peter Dragoev was chief judge of one of the two performance fields. The other instructors from the club Adrian Bekyarov, Kalin Petkov and Dimitar Mihaylov were regular judges.



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