Seminar on Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan with Master Yang Jun

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From 30 May to 4 June in Tirrenia, Italy, Master Yang Jun - 6th Generation Yang Family, held a seminar on traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. The head of the SC "Black Dragon" - Peter Dragoev and two of the instructors - Kalin Petkov and Dimitar Mihaylov, attended the seminar.
Master Yang began with a lecture on the essence of Tai Chi. He outlined the main ideas behind its philosophy as a martial art drew attention to the moral foundations necessary for the training of healthy spirit in each practitioner. In the next three days Master Yang taught the principles behind the movements of the 103-positional form. The participants were shown a series of exercises that teach proper body coordination, control of movement and integration of energy. On the fourth day of the workshop Master Yang taught the 13-positional form with a sword. The last day was set for a three hour lesson on Pushing Hands (Tui Shou). The main points of the Pushin Hands program and martial applications of the movement Peng were also introduced.
The seminar was organized by Roberta LAZZERI - Director of the Florence Yang Cheng Fu centre.
The Florence Yang Cheng Fu centre and Sports Club "Black Dragon" - Bulgaria continued their partnership in the development of Yang Style Taijiquan. The Bulgarian instructors had the opportunity to exchange experience with their Italian colleagues outside the seminar.


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