Petаr Dragoev achieved 2nd Duan Wushu!

Duan 2 Petar Dragoev 150x113The Manager and Chief Instructor of SC "Black Dragon" Peter Dragoev, successfully achieved second Duan in Wushu!

The examination was held in Bucharest, Romania on May 5th 2014, by a commission with members:

  • G. N. Muzrukov – Director of the EuropeanWushuGradingSystem (EWGS)
  • Tatyana Kuprianova – 7-th Duan Wushu

 The 31-year-old athlete, coach, and Wushu judge has more than 15 years of practice and teaching of Taijiquan, Chen and Yang styles - with and without weapons, and pushing hands. His experience covers also external Chinese martial styles like Changquan, Daoshu, Gunshu, Jiu Jie Bian and more.

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