SC "Black Dragon"

Sports Club "Black Dragon" was created back in 2005 by Petar Dragoev, twice a world champion in traditional Chen style Taijiquan, short weapons.

The club mainly teaches Taijiquan, Chen and Yang family styles. Taijiquan is a Chinese martial art with a long history. It was first documented during the Tan dynasty (618 - 907 AD). More than 300 million people practice it every day  that is why it is one of the most famous martial arts. It is known as a long sequence of slow fluid movements, preformed every morning in the park by people in China and across the whole world. Taiji is often practised in its therapeutic form, based on the martial art, and aimed to better the general health and prolong life.

Studies on Taiji prove that practising it for many years has beneficial influence on the bones, muscles, the balance, flexibility and also on the cardiac and other systems. With its slow and fluid movements Taijiquan surprisingly burns more calories than surfing and almost as much as skiing. It noticeably strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and cases of depression and anxiety.


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