tai chi chuan caligr Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese martial art practice for complete physical and spiritual improvement. It is associated with the doctrine of Tao, the Five Elements, the Eight Trigrams, the traditional Chinese medicine, and expresses directly the traditional Chinese understanding of the world and human nature. Nowadays, the practice of Taijiquan is mainly related to healing and rehabilitation breathing exercises or sports routines (forms /taolu/).DAO-01

The literal translation of Taijiquan is "Taiji Boxing" as "Taiji" can mean either "great limit" or "great chaos". In any case, it is associated with the primordial division of things, which is the main category of Chinese philosophy.. Taiji is the second stage of the creation of the universe. However, if we assume that it was the first visible thing (it came into being after "Wuji" or "The infinite") Taiji may be considered the first stage of Creation. The gradation is Wuji > Taiji > Liang Yi (the first two principles, Yin - Yang) > sixiàng (the Four Symbols) and finally Bagua (the Eight Trigrams). The so called "Ten thousand things" or the visible world were created from Bagua. This complex philosophy is intertwined with the practice of Taijiquan and is in closely connected with its every movement. This link connects the practicing of Taiji, not only to the combat aspects, but also to other categories of Chinese culture and customs. One of these aspects is calligraphy.

Excerpt from the article "Calligraphy and Taijiquan"

K. Dimitrov

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